Hydrogen Refueling Station
Hydrogen Refueling Station

On-site Hydrogen Refueling Station Introduction

In order for the hydrogen car market to be formed, Hydrogen Refueling Stations, which are facilities for charging hydrogen fuel cell cars, are required.

Hydrogen Refueling Station is divided into Off-site Hydrogen Refueling Station and On- site Hydrogen Refueling Station according to hydrogen supply method.

A. Off-Site Hydrogen Refueling Station

B. On-Site Hydrogen Refueling Station

Based on CNG and LPG reforming, JNK has developed hydrogen manufacturing facilities technology and has been working on-site Hydrogen refueling station.

Hydrogen can be used not only as hydrogen cell car fuel but also in various business areas such as semiconductor/LCD/steel/chemical industry and so on.

H2KOREA Membership & Business Strategy

A. JNK Global’s H2Korea Membership

  • Joined H2Korea membership and participated into “class-A” member that has rights for election of the Board of Directors.
  • Participate aggressively in the activities of the Board of Directors.
  • B. Current Status of Hydrogen Refueling Station

  • Ministry of Environment (MOE) plans to set up 100 HRS by 2020, 210 by 2025, and 520 stations by Year 2030. MOE subsidizing 50% of HRS CAPEX and local government for extra 50% subsidy. (~US$2.5M)
  • Ministry of Land plans to license 100 HRS operation with rest area on freeway by 2025 independent from MOE
  • C. JNK Global’s HRS Business Strategy

  • Two track strategy: steam methane reforming HRS verification by own (short-term), Gov’t R&D project accomplishment (long-term)
  • By leveraging H2Korea “class-A” member, JNK provides Korean local SMR HRS facility to clients. Strives to make own standard specification for SMR.

  • National R&D Project List

    A. 300 N㎥/h class Natural Gas Reforming HRS Development

  • Supporting Organization : MOTIE
    (Project ID : 20133010031740)
  • Dedicated Agency : KETEP
  • Duration : 2013 ~ 2014
  • Main Agency : JNK Global (Formerly JNK Heaters)
  • Participating Agency : KOGAS, KGS, KIST, and 4 other firms
  • B. HRS Localization Technology Development and Verification

  • Supporting Organization : MOTIE
    (Project ID : 20162310100020)
  • Dedicated Agency : KETEP
  • Duration : 2016 ~ 2021
  • Main Agency : KATECH
  • Participating Agency : KOGAS, JNK Global (Formerly JNK Heaters), COWA, and 7 other firms
  • C. Development of Large Scale H2 Generation System for HRS

  • Supporting Organization : MOTIE
    (Project ID : 20173010041930)
  • Dedicated Agency : KETEP
  • Duration : 2017 ~ 2020
  • Main Agency : JNK Global (Formerly JNK Heaters)
  • Participating Agency : Puritech, KIER, Yonsei Univ. Gongju Univ, total 5 firms