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title Hydrogen production from waste/biomass for Italian market
writer company Energintech srl
writer Lorenzo Lastella
writer email l.lastella@energintech.com
writer phone +393355634180
date 2020-09-14 hit 11
Dear Madame/Sir,
First of all, let me introduce us, I represent an Italian group of
companies that works in the field of engineering and construction for
the production of energy and energy carriers from biomass and waste.
Our objective is to produce, from biomasses and waste a clean syngas
with the maximum hydrogen content to generate hydrogen, starting from
the projects we are working in Italy.
I read that your company owns the microwave steam plasma gasification
technology to produce a syngas with high amount of hydrogen and the
system to separate high quality hydrogen for transport sector.
It is possible that I have made a mistake and in that case I offer my
sincere apologies, however I hope to have sent my message to the right
If so, I'd appreciate if you could send us a contact to deepen the
technology applications of your technology in our market.
Thanks for your attention.
Lorenzo Lastella
(CEO of Energintech srl)