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title preliminary budget quotation
writer company Alexandria Petroleum Co
writer Sameh Derdeiry
writer email samehmohammedabdallah@alx-pc.com
writer phone 01224069773
date 2020-08-30 hit 38
Dear sir,
I am Sameh Derdeiry operation engineer at Alexandria Petroleum co. one of the biggest refineries in Egypt I am responsible for technical support & technical studies for crude distillation units. We are preparing now a study to install new fired heater in one of our crude distillation units. If you can help us in this study we are requesting for preliminary budget quotation ( + or – 20 % ) for installing new fired heater with the following data :
1- Crude oil is Western desert crude oil.
2- Inlet temp. is 180 °c
3- Outlet temp. is 350 °c
4- 14 dual fuel burners ( 100 % N.G or 100 % Fuel oil or 50 % N.G + 50 % Fuel oil )
5- Natural draft heater
If there is any additional required data you can send us. We are looking forward to your answer & I hope we can cooperate with you in our study.
Best regards
Sameh Derdeiry
Operation Engineer, Alexandria Petroleum Company