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title 스리랑카 정제시설 설비관현 문의드립니다.
writer company (주)옥토S&D
writer 김상겸
writer email iso28000@gmail.com
writer phone 010-7343-3988
date 2020-07-15 hit 112
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Dear Johnny

The below facts are for your arrangment please.
a) to set up a refinary on BOT basis.
b) purpose is to supply 50,000 barrels per month.
c) customer is Ceylon Petrolium M Corporation.
d) Land provider-Ceylon Petrolium Corporation.
e) location-Sapugaskanda,Kelaniya.
f) main investor-South Western Petrolium Corporation-USA
f) proposed partners
1.to provide technical know-how
by SKCorporation-Korea
2.to provide management and operation by SKCorporation
3.to supply equipment and machinery by JNK heater co Ltd
4.to design the refinary JNK Heater Co.Ltd
5.to construct the refinary buildings and infra structure by SKF
We should be able to complete the project within two years.
Also,we should be able to manage the project at least 25yrs.
Superiors are waiting to see the design,cost and ability of the propose partners
prior to recommend the proposal to relavent authorities whom would take decisions
to recommend us.
So,I look for to hear from you with a good response to the same as early as

Thanks and bestregards
Kithsiri Dandeniya