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title Request For Quotation
writer company Global Petroleum & Maritime JSC
writer Chung
writer email chung_nguyen@globalpm.com.vn
writer phone 0355814866
date 2020-05-05 hit 37
첨부파일 #1 : RFQ.xlsx
Dear Sir,

Firstly, may we introduce our-self that Global Petroleum & Maritime (GPM) is
a Joint Stock Company incorporated by professionals with international
experience and reputation in the industries, both Petrochemical and
Shipbuilding. We, at GPM are proud of being a premier consultant and service
provider for major industrial partners in Vietnam and the region.

We are one of the appointed reputable suppliers for maintenance spare parts &
consumable material for Nghi-Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC (NSRP), Binh-
Son Refining and Oil Co., (BSR), Long Son Refinery, Nghi Son 1, 2 Thermal
Power Plan... in VIETNAM like piping (valves, gaskets, coupling…), OEM’s
equipment, electrical rotating; static systems… Our successful cooperation
with the long term partners like -NICHIAS ‘s gaskets, FUJIKIN’s
Instrumentation Valve, KOTRELL’s Bag Filter, JINHEUNG’s Expansion Joint,
SUNWON’s Valve and Accessory, ZENGWANG’s Boiler Parts, JGCS CONSORTIUM and
others Suppliers…has bring to our Client/Refineries with “right material in
the right time with the right price”.

Currently, as the supplier for spare parts, instrument equipment and
materials to our customer, we are working on the package to supply the spare
part to the customer (the detail list of items is as attached file). For this
project, we would like to send you the invitation of cooperation to work with
us and we believe our cooperate could benefit both.
Look forward to your feedback.
Best Regards,