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title Specialist
writer company PC MTBE
writer Vijay pardhi
writer email vijay.manoharpardhi@petronas.com.my
writer phone 006095856549
date 2019-10-16 hit 370
We at PETRONAS (PC-MTBE) Malaysia require a tailore-made Fired Heater to heat
cryogenic Liquid from -110 deg C to +30 deg C, by using waste gas or NG or HC
Liquid all available at site.

HC Fluid flow is 24 m3/hr, 730 kg/m3, -120 deg C (worst case) with an average
Cp of 1.5 to 2.1 kJ/kg deg C. Inlet pressure can be 9 barg

We require this Fired Heater urgently so please let me know the technical
person I interact with? Since this FH will be used only in plant shutdown
cases the efficiency is not a concern.

This cryogenic liquid will come out of the petrochemical plant (A cold Box
area) when manually activated. Before activating this our proposed system
consisting of a pump will be started and the circulation established at
normal ambient temperatures. After the firing is set to minimum firing mode,
say with a DT of 10 deg C, and outlet of 35 deg C, the cryogenic fluid is
introduced in the balancing tower of the pumps. So the cryogenic flow starts
after the firing is achieved. By this time the tubes are at elevated
temperatures. This will avoid freezing on the tubes.

Ambient conditions are 18 to 38 deg C and +5 m above sea level.

Fuel Gas = NG with 95++ % Methane