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Structure of Fired Heaters
Fired Heaters

A fired heater is an oil refinery equipment as one of the core facilities of oil and petrochemical plants. Fired Heater consists of the three parts, Stack for releasing combustion gas, Convention Section, and Radiant Section, and LNG, Gas,&Oil, and Naphtha heated from Fired Heater are refined through distillation Tower. Since Fired Heaters have differentiated features according to plant’s location features and customer’s requirements, Fired Heaters are customized facilities in the plant.

Fired Heaters in Oil & Petrochemical Plants.

Plants consist of Oil Refining, Petrochemical, Ethylene, Gas&Oil, LNG and so on, and each plant needs various fired Heaters specialized in. Several Fired Heaters are installed in a plant. Since Fired Heaters have a major effect on plants safety as an equipment related with fire, various experience and performance are the most important evaluation elements of clients in selecting Fired Heater supplier.

JNK has performed various projects such as Crude Distillation Unit, Vacuum Distillation Unit, Steam Reformers successfully in the above plants and able to provide process design (thermal & mechanical design) of fired heaters to clients.

Process Fired Heaters