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JNK History

Year Contents
2014 2014.03 Won the head of Geumcheon District office plaque of appreciation for 2014’ Geumcheon District charity work donation
2013 2013.09 Founded JNK USA branch office (Fired Heater sales office for North & South America)
2012 2012.03 Won the Minister of Strategy and Finance commendation for ‘a model taxpayer’ (on the 46th taxpayer day)
2011 2011.10 Founded Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) Factory
2011.06 Founded Joint Venture JFKMetel Co., Ltd.
(Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) material-producing company)
2011.04 Founded I-Plant Co., Ltd.
(Heater Fabrication, Erection & Maintenance Company)
2011.01 Listed on the Korea Exchange KOSDAQ Market
2010 2010.06 Received Venture Corporation Certification
2010.06 Founded JNK India Private Limited
2000 2009.11 Awarded a Medal Commending Export Achievements Worth Thirty Millions US Dollars
2009.09 Received Technical INNO-BIZ Certification from the Small and Medium Business Administration
2009.09 Registered in the approved vendor list of EIL, India
2009.05 Received Management MAIN-BIZ Certification of the Small and Medium Business Administration
2008.10 Registered in the approved vendor list of KNPC, Kuwait
2008.05 Registered as a corporation specializing in renewable and recyclable energy (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
2005.01 Acquired ISO 14001 Certificate
2003.04 Kim, Bang Hee was appointed as President of the company
2001.04 Acquired ISO 9001 Certificate
1990 1998.09 Spun off JNK Heaters Co., Ltd