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title Procurement Manager
writer company PGESCo, Egypt
writer Brian Shearman
writer email
writer phone ++202 26185528
date 2012-09-26 hit 6126
We are currently involved in front end planning and preliminary design for a combined cyccle power plant in Egypt.In order to evaluate plant cooling options we would appreciate you providing a budget price and approx. deleivery period for an Air cooled condenser that meets the following technical data:

Atmospheric pressure - 101.3 kPa
Ambient temperature - 25 deg C.
Steam turbine power - 270 MW
Expected steam flow - 930 t/h
Steam pressure - 0.087 bar
Steam quality - 86.3%

Your response by 28 september 2012 would be graetly appreciated.

Yours truly,
Brian Shearman